Qodesh Engineering and marine services Limited is an indigenous registered Marine Consultancy service provider, established with a view to eugolise the phrase “Maritime … Anytime”. We pride ourselves on delivering trusted and superior results, with a great performance which is emboldened by the mission statement of “Providing Quality service in line with the best industry standards, at fair and reasonably packaged professional charges.
Through our research and strategic alliance with strong and experienced international technical partners, we provide products and services and solutions that optimise customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
We are a reliable partner who you can count on. Regardless of the task or location, we at Qodesh Engineering and marine service Limited ensure a dynamic and expert service.
We provide products and services that enable sufficient marine and offshore evaluation, in order to complete and produce the energy needed to drive your business and the Nigerian economy. We work with our clients to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce HS&E and economic risk.
We work with large Multinational Corporations, Indigenous Firms and Suppliers in the Nigeria and West Africa marine Sector.